Virtual Villagers: Origins 2 sees you commanding a group of shipwrecked survivors. My first villager that died was because he worked himself to death. Every a few days you will get trivia to help someone on a boat,just help her to shore and you will get master healer. You can also add wood to the firepit yourself to make it appear.Fireflies can be collected by children. Took 2 rope to tie up. Also available in the Last Day of Work franchise: - Virtual Villagers Series (Origins, A New Home, New Believers, Lost Children, Secret City and The Tree of Life) - Virtual Families 2 Series - Virtual Town - … ), THIS LIST IS BASED ON MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCE AND MIGHT NOT BE 100% ACCURATE Please forgive the poor english ^^. You can get a steam without crafting. Children can heal a sick villager. Just go on the bottom left of the island where you can … Your healer-in-training can then heal them and advance faster. Just go on the bottom left of the island where you can see the lava that is connected to the shore. Here are some of those scenarios, how to avoid them and eventually solve the problem.Only males/Only females/ Only one remaining villagerIf you have only picked males or females at the beginning of the game, or if all of your female/male villagers have died, your game is basically over because you won't be able to have children and continue. They can collect the apples, blueberries, rhubarb, and strawberries. Plenty time to gather but the time for crafting can be a pain. The Heron just eats frogs! Now if you have lavastones tap the same child and spent 3 lavastones on the wheel they'll become the adept or master of the skills acc to wheel. Build a village, grow your tribe and survive in this simulated island game! Gather 80 sand and 80 fire to craft 80 glass (it'll take 8 hours to craft each glass), and after gathering 80 firefly (you can drop any villager on them to collect the firefly, and they can be found flying around your village), combine the firefly with the glass to craft holiday light (it'll take 45 minutes to craft each one). You chances are better if you do. In the game, sickness is caused by poisonous frogs. Two resources from around … If a nursing mother dies, the child won't die and automatically age to 2 years old. All rights reserved. Virtual Villagers: Origins 2 - Gameplay Video, Virtual Villagers: Origins 2 - New Tribe Gameplay Video, Plant seeds from seed bag & apple tree seed by crafting hut, Use fertilizer(mixed herbs+water) on garden 3 times, Gather resources from garden & apple tree. Virtual Villagers Origins 2 Puzzles & Solutions – Puzzle 2 – Town Center Mural Solution : Master Builders to the rubble (ruins of the kraken statue) > Repeat it 5 times > Master researcher draw … Just go on the bottom left of the island where you can see the lava that is connected to the shore. Time travel:Time travel is tempting, but if badly used, all the tribe can die instantly either of starvation, aging, or sickness. We love this game app. Upgrade construction skills and draw some plans.4. As soon as the rain quits, the pond goes dry. Get oil from the crafting hut. Prepare oven by putting a villager on rock pile by fire pit & they'll heat up a rock for oven, Put villager on round table that should have the ingredients on it, 3 Resting - Like: Will often rest Dislike: Will often be sick, 4 Laundry - Like: Will often do the laundry, 5 Medicine - If disliked, won't be a doctor, 7 Butterflies - Won't interact with butterflies if disliked, 8 Flowers - Won't gather flower is disliked, 11 Caves - Won't enter any cave if disliked, 12 Herbs - Won't gather any herbs if disliked, 13 Berries - won't gather any berries if disliked, 14 Snakes - Won't interact with snakes if disliked, 16 Rocks - Won't interact with rocks (disadvantage builders), 19 Playing - Children won't play if disliked, 27 Bananas - Won't interact with the food bin (disadvantage farmers), 28 Coconuts - Will refuse to get fruits from the coconut tree (disadvantage farmers), 31 Wood - Will refuse to interact with the woodpile if disliked (disadvantage builders), 32 Crab Meat - Won't interact with crabs if disliked, 34 Fish - Won't go fishing if disliked (disadvantage farmers), 35 Fruit - Won't get fruits from any trees, will run away from the food bin (disadvantage farmers), 39 Running: IF LIKE will run fast and learn skills faster IF DISLIKED will be very slow and learn skills slower, 40 Learning: IF LIKE will learn faster IF DISLIKED will learn slower, 44 Work: Will often refuse to work if disliked, 45 Lifting: Will often have the interaction "trying to push the boulder", 47 Jokes: Will often tell jokes / Won't tell jokes, 49 Jumping: Jump higher than the other villagers, 50 Cooking: Will refuse to cook/do potions if disliked, 51 Fire: Will refuse to start fire if disliked, 52 Eating: Will often eat if liked (usually this villager will eat more food than the other and by so, reduce the number of food faster) If he dislikes eating, he will refuse to eat from the food bin, which can be a problem if your villager needs to eat in order to regain health, 56 Children: Won't interact with children nor try to have babies if disliked, 60 Quiet: If liked, will be completely silent, 62 Dirt: Won't interact with mud pile if disliked, 63 Alchemy: Will refuse to make/drink potions if disliked, 64 Potions: will refuse to drink potions if disliked, 66 Plants: Won't gather plants if disliked, 67 Rain: Will run to hide when there is rain, 68 Fog: Will run to hide when there is fog, 69 Sitting: Will often be seen doing nothing if liked, 71 Honey: Will run away from the hive (from previous game), 72 Stories : Won't tell stories to children if disliked, 74 Thunder : Will run to hide when there is storm, 75 Lightning: Will run to hide when there is storm, 76 Pearls: Won't interact with the oyster pearl if disliked, 77 Stars: Will often have the interaction Stargazing, 78 Mango: Won't gather fruits from the mango tree (from previous game).