Territory War and Grand Arena Counter List. Moff Gideon Legendar ... AhnaldT101. Join our public Discord Server. Quicklinks. I'm a 1.4 mil GP player, but I feel like Vader with MM zeta should be able to counter G11 or potentially G12 geos. Like Territory Wars in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, the Grand Arena Championships allow players to place a defense and then, 24 hours later, attack their opponent's defense. FFM Marvel Strike Force. 288 views 12 hours ago. SWGoH . And in order to make the less compromises possible, you'll need to optimize your main characters.Using droids is an option, there are many others (rebel synergy, dodge lead, etc.). A guildmate tried the same thing but attacking with JTR, and scored 60 points in GA. If anyone has some tips for me that would really be appreciated. 00:13:36. Strategy. Type Territory Battle: Runs 6 Days Requires 80M+ Guild GP Dark Side units : Reward Mk I Guild Event Token Mk II Guild Event Token Crystal Prize Box Wat Tambor: Release date June 27, 2019 Geonosis Separatist Might is a Territory Battle that requires Dark Side characters and ships. 0. Hateful 88 Counter to Darth Revan. Got completely wrecked. Marquee Schedule; News; Login Characters; Panic Farm The Mandalorian (Beskar) Jedi Knight Luke Padme Amidala Darth Revan OT Millennium Falcon C-3PO Jedi Knight Revan Chewbacca Rey (Jedi Training) Thrawn Commander Luke Skywalker Custom. Airsoft GI - Airsoft and Tactical Gear …. 62107 views 2 months ago. • Im LS Geo TB holen wir 17 Sterne (Voll besetzt werden es min. These would be great against droid teams, but only if rng prevails and you go first Imo buff JE, keep speed up from droids the same but give +1 more speed per jawa so jawas beat droids as they should. Powerful 3v3 Sith Eternal + IMA- ... Top 10 Squads in SWGoH January 2021! SWGOH Jawa Counters Based on 128 GAC Battles analyzed this season. 42087 views 2 months ago. Galaxy of Heroes - Events. You'll need to make compromises. Ewoks - do not bad at arena, GW and raid. Long story short, you probably want a relic vader to make all of this easier. Level Unit Level Ability Material Credits Adds; 8: 80: 5. Got completely wrecked. Hateful 88 Counter to Darth Revan . AND he can revive and heal droids. New Defenses This Round | Star Wars: Galaxy o ... GAC 15.2.2 - Quick clear before the superbowl. Interactive Geonosis Tb Map Swgalaxyofheroes . -7* 17,700 Ahsoka Tano-7* 17,700 C-3PO-7* 17,700 General Kenobi-7* 17,700 Padme Amidala-7* 17,700 Shaak Ti. Vader Counter Ruined? Swgoh Geo Counter 3v3 Tw Teams Counter List Swgalaxyofheroes. Nominally an attacker, Jawa has low damage and doesn’t excel in any area of the game. Login "Synergie oder keine Synergie? Easily find video counters for the latest meta teams with kill order, keys to victory, and mod recommendations for Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes. 01:31:01. GAC Counter-Agent. 35 views about 1 hour ago. Rinse and repeat until she's dead For example... with JTR I r2d2 stun nest, bb8 basic for daze. Official swgoh.blog.jp/ website : "Although the TW bonus in March is announced, it is unknown whether this is also included in the start of March 1st day of Japan time (February 28th in Japan). You can still risk doing AoE and never fear for Nests counter attack due to daze and after every stun ends you can do a big hit on Nest. di Desember 19, 2020. We try to keep the page as up to date as possible and have a team of multiple TW officers working on it on a daily basis. Jump to:navigation, search. So it may be a decent counter. Especially with the Zeta, making it a 4 on 3 battle. Events Home Upcoming History Calendar. 00:04:24. 41106 views 21 hours ago. 80400 +5% Turn Meter gain: 7: 70: 10. Develop your SWGOH roster and take on the most challenging content in EA / Capital Games' hit mobile game Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes DS Geo TB 12 stars 5-10 wat shards LS Hoth 31-33 stars. Looking for Redemption Against The Chromium Monsters | #GAC 3v3 (15:2:2) | #SWGO ... Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes: GAC Live-Stream 3v3 (Free at Last), GAC 15.2.2 || Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes SWGOH, Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Jedi Academy Episode 190 Live Q&A #swgoh. - 1.5 MILLION+ PROTECTION - Galactic Legends Chief Nebit - Mas ... AhnaldT101. For this upcoming round of GAC, my opponent has a relic Mon Mothma. Here is my account too... https://swgoh.gg/p/336711273/characters/. I haven't faced her yet, and can't find reliable counters … Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Savage Opress - do not farm. #346 opened Dec 28, 2020 by bobbybaxter Counter and New team comp: JTR, BB-8, R2D2, Resistance Hero Fin, Resistance Hero Poe Nominally an attacker, Jawa has low damage and doesn’t excel in any area of the game. SWGOH Jawa Counters Based on 10 GAC Battles analyzed this season. Sith Raid Guides. > NEW! SWGOH EVENTS. Tools; Mod Guides; HNN Podcasts; About; Menu. Swgoh Counter List Swgoh counters list SWGoHBot is a bot for your discord server that brings many features such as mod lookup, guild-wide character searching, personal character stats, arena tracking, and much more that will help to simplify the SWGoH … That said, you can try to use vader along with palp lead and maybe thrawn for the tm boost. That, and have decent speed on your vader so you make sure to go before the geo team. Help with Vader counter to Geos. Contents. Swgoh Cls Vs Geo Youtube. Could be high tenacity on him, which you can counter with higher potency. Updated Counter List As Of 7 17 2019 Swgalaxyofheroes. Tw Ga Counter List By Nordic Kingdom Swgalaxyofheroes. Battles do not require energy.Players can use any of their heroes, and take them into multiple battles. About SWGoHBot. The Gambit Libsyn Directory. Invite Bot Get Premium Home Commands FAQs Changelog. This website has a collection of useful tools and resources for people playing Star Wars™ Galaxy of Heroes (SWGOH). Tools General Skywalker Readiness Darth Malak … Press J to jump to the feed. User account menu. Gear 11 Jawas Are GOD Tier With Rey! Links. INVINCIBLE JAWAS! Kill the rest of the team and big hit nest out of stun... stun nest again and bb8 daze. Specific Strategy: Jawa Scavenger's Line in the Sand ability is the main mechanic of this counter. 10 Star Wars Galaxy Of Heroes Squads You Need To Prioritize Right. My Scavenger is the only one at g10, I take out G12 Geonosians all the time.