Slower strength training is completely eliminated to allow the body to use all adaption reserves for explosiveness. How many inches are typically gained after 5 weeks? If you perform these exercises correctly you will teach your body to use your strength more explosively. I used to be able to easily touch it. To increase power we have to work on two factors: While pure strength work has its place in a vertical jump training program, it should not be the sole focus. Four-week and 7-week plyometric programs are equally effective for improving vertical jump height, vertical jump power, and anaerobic power when followed by a 4-week recovery period. Just go for it, and let me know how it goes! I finished first 2 weeks and my vertical increases 2 inches and my current vertical jump is just 25.5 inches and height 5’8; after completing this full training , how many inches i can reach A vertical jump program is very important for athletes like basketball and volleyball players because it will give you more inches on your vertical. I’m 14, 6’1″ with a current 25 inch vertical. For example, if you want a vertical leap of 30 inches, you better be able to absorb the force that your body produces from a fall of 30 inches or more. This type of strength is useless in the context of jumping because you only have less than 0.2 seconds to produce as much strength as possible after that your feet have already left the ground! Advanced players prepare to challenge your skills, and build new heights. Is this okay if I use a 3 kg ball for next period’s workouts ? And how can I do Backward Medicine Ball Throws in my house ? Additional weights increase the risk of injuries and should be reserved for well-trained athletes. These exercises will have a big impact on your vertical and make you jump a lot higher in just a few weeks of training! Alright now that you know how plyometric exercises work and why they are so efficient, let’s introduce some of the best plyometric exercises: In the following paragraphs, I will present five plyometric exercises ranging from low-intensity plyometric exercises suitable for beginners to more advanced movements that require a decent level of strength and coordination. I don’t feel tired. During this short time frame, the athlete has to plant his foot, bend his knee, swing his arms and then extend his hips, knees, and ankles back using almost every muscle in the body – and all of this within the blink of an eye! UPDATE: I think I can touch a 10 foot rim, now. You could just dribble the ball around the court, drive on a bike or run on a treadmill. You can do both, just make sure you take breaks when it gets too much. It is best to utilize this during and right after the season to keep balance between all of the in season jumping and then prepare for the off season workloads. hey coach andy im 5’8 and my running vert 35 inch and my stand vert 33 how many inch if your program end ty. But one look at the average powerlifter quickly shows you that this isn’t completely true. Place yourself under a basketball rim an try to tap the rim with your hands. The traction provided by shoes is incredibly important for the transformation of horizontal speed to vertical speed during takeoff. I have finished week 7, waited almost one week, and I measured my standing vertical. I was wondering if I can get to a 30” vertical off this program if it is already 23”. I really don’t know what I might have done wrong. You don’t need to get a gym membership and do nothing but lifting weights for the next 12 months in order to increase your vertical. Upon landing, spend very little time on the ground, and jump as high as possible strait up. If you can’t reach the rim you can use the backboard or do the drill in front of a wall trying to reach the highest point possible. 1) By box jumps you mean jumps where you jump onto a box (different from depth jumps where you jump off a box)? If so, the only advantage would be that you have a softer landing on the box and protect your joints a little better. Thats my opinion , Hurdle jump 3-4sets, 4obstacles + little sprint, Kneeling jump 4sets, 4-5reps I am sure that you can still further improve, but don’t expect crazy gains at your level. Because of this, you will notice that you are able to jump much higher utilizing a countermovement in the beginning. Vertical jump training should always include a large … Real great workout if you are a beginner and want to dunk in just 2 months. Commercial plyo boxes can cost anywhere between USD$100-200. In the attached video you can see a trap bar deadlift which is easier for most athletes because it is a more natural position. Every basketball player knows the horrible feeling of old and slippery basketball shoes. Face your body parallel to the cones. BoingVert is made up of 2 parts. Vertical jump height, defined as the difference between standing reach height and the maximal jump height, was measured to the nearest 0.64 cm (0.25 inches) in all subjects at baseline and after 2, 4, and 6 wk by the same investigator . Just wondering if my vertical will decrease faster after finishing the workout. Therefore, you should focus on dynamic stretching before your workouts. Hey Cam. My vertical jump is just under 20 inches now. Twenty-seven elite female basketball players (aged 21.0 ± 2.6 years) were assigned between an experimental group (n = 15) who substituted a part of their usual training … Vertical jump program is the most simple and common exercise in plyometrics training. I’m fat a little bit (not so much) and not so strong. I know i have enough strength all the time to grab the rim but i am not able to put that strength into jumping. The vertical jump is a great test for explosive leg strength and overall athleticism. The ideal warm-up exercise for vertical jump training is probably the Skipping Rope – it works out your whole body, especially the muscles relevant for the vertical jump. I do have Access to a gym and have fun doing squat and deadlift once a week. Make sure that you start with a general warm-up that gets your blood flowing and elevates your heart-rate. Thanks!! How long I should rest between reps and workouts? Start standing with your front foot flat on the ground and your back foot elevated on a bench. Maybe you can remember training programs like Air Alert or Jump Soles that were really popular in the 90’s? Hey Justin, stick to the 3 times a week. If you can’t: you could replace the medicine ball throws with deep squat jumps where you really focus on hip extension and the single-leg deadlift with superman planks. This style is defined by very short ground contact times, little bend in the knees and explosive movement of the glutes and hips. Hey Andy, I’m 6’4 and rim grazing right now… my vertical I think is barely 15″ … do you think your program an help me gain 5 more inches if done right??? The best vertical jumpers are able to produce massive amounts of force in the blink of an eye, making it seem as if they are “bouncing” off the ground! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Also take 3 days off after each phase and measure your vertical jump before starting the next phase. Sure! The various forms of planks are exercises that do a great job of strengthening your front and side abs. The athlete drops off the box like in a regular depth jump, but lands on only one foot. Focus on minimal time spent on the ground, stop as soon as the jumps get significantly lower. The result was apporximently 20 inches, the same as after week 3, and actually the same as before I started with this program. Therefore most of the strength exercises focus on these two muscle groups. Better check out a doctor and find out what’s causing this pain in the knees. Going from 20 inches to 30 inches should be possible for almost any athlete that dedicates a lot of time to vertical jump training. Can it be bad for them? In the late 1950’s and 60’s, Dr. Yuri Verkhoshansky, a Soviet researcher and sport coach, found that plyometric based training can increase ground reaction force time, which positively correlated with increased abilities to absorb and react in a “collision” phase with the ground, either by running, jumping, landing in cleans, etc.… Just try it and let us know how it went for you! ( You can use a park bench or low wall for this), Start every workout with 5-10 minutes of rope-jumping. The throws will probably not work in-house, is there nowhere outdoors closeby where you can do them? Start with your feet square and shoulder width apart. Can vertical jump be improved owithout feeling pain? This exercise is great for vertical jump training because it teaches your body how to produce very high power outputs during the actual jumping motion. Recovery is a very important part of every workout and 6 times a week is really not sustainable. This is a great exercise for weaker athletes that are not yet used to high-impact plyometric exercises. It starts out with lower intensity exercises and general body-weight exercises to prepare the body for the more taxing later weeks. The following are drills, techniques, and suggestions that will increase the body’s potential for jumping and explosive force application into the ground. It’s okay to add weights to these slower exercises, just don’t add weights to jumps or explosive movements. How exactly would you try to split the workouts? After that, perform. However, it’s really difficult to predict the results as it depends on so many things…. The muscle groups responsible for most of the force generated during a vertical jump are the quads and glutes. This warm-up will not only improve your performance but also reduce the risk of injuries significantly. Start with your feet square and shoulder width apart. Make sure that your jump starts at the lowest point and you only move upwards. Start with your feet square and shoulder width apart. Great vertical leapers need a mix of  Skill and Power. I am actually a girl volleyball player and I am on the last week of the program. After I finished the third week, I accidentally hurt my toe the third, and last, day of rest. This exercise works very similarly to the hang cleans but is much easier to learn. Land on midfoot with chest up and hips forward. Also, make sure to get enough good sleep because most of the body’s adaption to the new training happens during bedtime. These recommendations start from being able to squat 1x bodyweight all the way up to 2.5x body weight. Thats way more better to increase your vertical jumps. 6 Ways to Increase Your Vertical, Popular Plyometric Exercises for Basketball Players, Bodyweight Exercises for Lower Body Strength, Heavy Weightlifting Exercises For Maximum Strength, My 10-Week Vertical Jump Training Program, My Vert Shock Review – How I learned to dunk in less than 8 weeks, Best Vertical Jump Training Program: Vert Shock vs Jump Manual, Jordan Kilganon – The Man who Dunked in Jeans. The Flight System By Chris Barnard (Rated 3.8/5) Product Name: The Flight System by Chris … These can push good players to great, and make great players unstoppable. This exercise is also often called “line jumps” because you draw a line on the ground and try to hop from one side to the other as fast as possible. Hey Andy, i’ll start the program on monday. Hey Andy I’m 15 and 6’. Plant your foot firmly on the ground and hinge your hips back while keeping the back leg completely straight. The results depend on so many things, I try to not guess what te workout can do for you. Could I do the workout for 2 times a week because my workout split is Lower/Upper/Lower/Upper. Weighted explosive exercises like Olympic weightlifting are a great way to bridge the gap between slow strength exercises and the explosive and powerful movements of a vertical jump. If you are sore and hurting you should take a few days off. A strong core is very important for the vertical jump because it provides the necessary stability for optimal transmission of force from the lower body to the upper body. Just listen to your body. Do you think I am able to increase? Before a lower body strength training workout, squat jumps or box squats are great preparation. But after doing week , I can’t see any improvement :(( Learn how to measure your vertical jump. You could substitute it with ankle hops and focus on a very short ground contact time. Im 14years old my height is 6’3” and my vertical is 29 what’s my vertical after the Programm and is it bad when I do the exercises after my volleyball training, 29 inches is pretty good already! This stretch is sensed by fibers called muscle spindles. If not, what do you recommend I do? This series requires very high levels of skill and produces even higher levels of fatigue for the body’s neuromuscular systems. How much should the medicine ball weigh for these exercises? Hey my name is Mukhlis. If you feel fine then go for it! Make sure that you do not round your back during the exercise and try to keep the bend in your knees to a minimum. I am now on week 5 and I still see no improvement in my vertical… any tips? Should i stop doing that when i do the Programm or can I do both? Thank you! I went from 70 KG to 85 KG . hmmm it would be very difficult for me .. or is it to much stress to my legs? This is mostly done through plyometric exercises that focus on short ground contact times and quick generation of force. Depends on what you define as a trained person. I dont know whats the matter. How are you feeling right now? I dissect Steph Curry's Masterclass and tell you if it's worth your money. Using a deep squat is a very unnatural way of jumping where you eliminate the first phase and therefore the stretch-shortening cycle completely. Land on midfoot with chest up and hips forward. After the landing, the athlete tries to explode back up as quickly as possible. Hold position for 2 seconds. However, if the landing time is too long or too short, its effects will not be maximized. Single Leg Continuous Rotational Cone Jumps – Set up 4-6 cones in a straight line with 1-2 feet between each. Applied to the vertical jump, this means, that you have to be strong, but you also have to be able to use your strength in very quick bursts! As an added difficulty, add a box to jump onto. (to the left/to the right). For jump training, good specific warm-up exercises would be tuck jumps or power skipping. Even if your shoes are just slightly slippery you can forget dunking, or you will have to wipe your soles before every jump which is not very practical either. Continue through the rest of the boxes. Are there any other execises ? They do a great job of teaching the body how to create a lot of force in a very short time period and translate well because of very similar movement patterns. Would that be too less recovery time? Also, try to limit the ground contact time to the absolute minimum. hey coach!! Nature of the Exercises Selected This factor is a fairly straight forward one. The APL Concept Boomer promises to increase your vertical jump, As part of my therapy, I’ve started this blog to write about all things basketball . Continue alternating 90 degree turns until you finish the last cone. Stand with your feet shoulder wide apart and hop continuously only using your ankles. Lannd again in the same place in good position and stick the landing. Landing with the right foot quickly apply force down into the ground and continue jumping over the boxes until they are all completed. If that’s the case it might make sense to take a few days off to rest and give your body a chance to regain 100% strength and explosiveness. Let me know how it goes! If you train too much your vertical will decrease for a few days due to fatigue, once you rest up you will come back stronger and jump higher than before! The idea behind the sprints is to have an exercise with very short ground contact times to increase your “bounce”. I have 24 inches running vertical and im 16. Single Leg Linear Drop to Squat – Standing with feet square and shoulder width apart, quickly pick feet off the ground, drop straght down landing on one foot, and stick the landing. Hold the ball between your legs, squat down and explosively throw the ball behind you. This is very common for a training program like this. That’s a sign that your body needs a little rest to get back to peak performance. The hang clean is a simplified version of an Olympic lift and focuses on an explosive extension of the hips. Dynamic stretching focuses on using momentum to putting your body through the whole range of motion of upcoming exercises. Your email address will not be published. Do 3 workouts a week and keep rest between repetitions long enough to be almost 100% rested again, especially for the explosive exercises like depth jumps. I myself had great results with the Vert Shock program, an intense 8-week training program that focuses on plyometrics and bodyweight exercises. The goal here is for you to have the info you need to increase vertical jump and dunk a basketball. Vertical Jump Workout Program for Explosive Results in 90 Days In this article I’m going to be answering a simple question that a lot of athletes have. What can i substitute with the deadlifts exercise and medicine ball exercise ? This free vertical jump training program is a plyometric workout program designed to help you increase your vertical jump, leg strength, balance, and explosiveness.. For a more in-depth program that includes all aspects strength training, speed training, speed and agility training, quickness, footwork, plyometrics and all areas of training essential for basketball players, take … These exercises generate very high forces and should only be performed if you already have a sufficiently strong core. Would you suggest any supplements to maximize vertical impulsion gains? How many cm will I realistically reach? Did you accurately measure it? You want to have a decent level of flexibility and range of motion to ensure fluid motion and prevent injuries. In a lot of athletic movements, there is only one technique that is considered to be optimal. Is it really likely that I will reach the same level as them in 10, or maybe 20 or 30 weaks, with this program? Plyometric Training for Sport Just try it and let us know how it went! The program will not only imcrease your vertical, but also make you more explosive in general which should be really helpful and improve the speed of your reactions. For intermediate and advanced players this area can be done along with the absorption program but strict form should be followed. The Hoops U. Vertical Jump Training Program is a workout utilizing plyometrics. However, if you feel that strength is a serious weakness of yours, then it might make sense to start your training by building a nice foundation of strength. Place your upper back against a bench or couch, bring your feet back so that the knee forms a 90-degree angle. That’s really hard to say because it depends on so many things like your current vertical jump, your fitness, and genetics. Dead Lifts are working out nearly all the muscles used in a vertical jump and they do an especially great job in working on your hip extension, activating the hamstrings and spinal erectors. How many inches i can get from this workout? My 8 week journey from barely touching the rim to powerful two-handed dunks. But scientific research has also shown that long static stretching before a plyometric workout can actually hurt your results because you lose elasticity in your muscles and stability in your joints. Make sure to pay attention to good form as injuries during the squat can be devastating. But I am sure there is room for at least another 5 inches in the 10 weeks of the program. Try to replace the exercises as best as you can with similar exercises. Reason for this is simple.. example: if you want to run 100meters fast you do not run marathon right? Upon landing, spend very little time on the ground, and jump as high as possible strait up. After doing your workout for 2 weeks, I can’t touch the rim anymore. The backward medicine ball throw is difficult to replace, maybe try deep squat jumps where you really focus on hip extension. I am 177 cm tall, and when I jump, with my arms, but no runup, my head reaches about 50 cm higher, at the most (which i guess means that my vertical jump is 50 cm?). Here, you start in an upright position and descend into the jump. And the good news: everybody can improve their vertical jump with the right training!