Page . This is referred to as “impingement syndrome.”. Similarly, in subgroups where rotator cuff repairs were performed exclusively (i.e. In the indirect approach, the surgeon performs the procedure from below the joint rather than above. Iowa Orthop J 1999;19:93-98. Clinical studies show that, depending on the underlying problem and the type of surgery used, at least 75% - 90% of patients report good to excellent outcomes. Complications from this surgery are generally minor and rarely occur, regardless of the procedure used. Dropping the arm will strain the repair and be painful. Arthroscopic subacromial decompression requires at least two 5mm incisions. I started PT on day 11. 29824 RT: Arthroscopy, shoulder, surgical distal claviculectomy including distal articular space surface (Mumford procedure) +29826 RT: Arthroscopy, shoulder, surgical; decompression of subacromial space with partial acromioplasty with coracoacrmial ligament (arch) release, when performed, and Swing the arm back and forth like a pendulum. In a shoulder arthroscopy, your doctor makes small incisions 913-381-5225 Start pendulum and wall walk (see list) exercises tonight. A condition called distal clavicular osteolysis or "weightlifter's shoulder" can develop in people who put a great deal of stress on this joint; in this condition, the end of the clavicle begins to break down. Shoulder Procedures Documentation states, “subacromial decompression w/coracoacromial release, partial acromioplasty and mumford procedures all performed arthroscopic” Can you report code(s) 29826 Subacromial decompression… 29824 Mumford procedure How would you report? References. procedures to have a negative influence on cuff integrity at follow-up •Limited evidence that performance of an additional acromioclavicular procedure has a negative influence on functional outcome. Between 10% and 75% of patients report they are content with the results from a revised acromioplasty procedure. It often takes about three weeks for the patient to regain normal use of the shoulder and arm. One of the most common causes of pain is shoulder impingement, which is a condition where the tendons in the rotator cuffs are compressed during shoulder movements. no acromioplasty, biceps tenodesis, tenotomy, or Mumford procedure performed), this significant difference remained (79 vs. 52 min, p < 0.0001). I had arthroscopic AC joint surgery. C. Open or arthroscopic Mumford procedure ( distal claviculectomy), with or without rotator cuff repair or acromioplasty, is considered medically necessary when ALL of the following are met: 1. Mumford Procedure This procedure may be approached arthroscopically or with an open incision. Using the lateral portal for visualization and the posterior and anterior portals for resection allows the surgeon to visualize the distal clavicle resection and is … Phase I (Post-op Days 1-7) I would recommend that someone visit your aunt during this time to help her with physical therapy. What's the recovery? After your shower, dry the shoulder well and place Band-aids over incisions. The mini-Mumford is a simple, low-risk procedure, but it can ensure good results, even if performed alone. The choice of procedure depends on the problem you have and in some cases, both are needed to relieve the persistent symptoms of shoulder pain. The surgery can be performed using an open or arthroscopic procedure, and typically requires eight to ten weeks recovery time. The first three weeks post op, I kept asking myself why I went through it since the physical therapy was complete torture, but today, I am so happy I did! The operation is done under a general anaesthetic which means you are fully asleep during the procedure. Generally, it implies removal of a small piece of the surface of the bone that is in contact with a tendon causing, by friction, damage to the tendon. The patient is advised to proceed with therapy slowly and report any pain to his or her physician. It is very important for you to start therapy when recommended. The mini-Mumford is a simple, low-risk procedure, but it can ensure good results, even if performed alone.