When designing your online curriculum, it is important … As instructional coaches, it is more important than ever that we continue to be a strong foundation for our teachers. For me, I use my Google Classroom as a hub to share and vet resources I have gathered for my teachers. Instructional Coaching: Effective Practices that Support a Language Rich Environment April 8, 2021 Support language development through instructional coaching. It's legitimate to ask why schools should take on this virtual option when a growing body of evidence supports the efficacy of traditional coaching (Kretlow & Bartholomew, 2010). Based on Dr. Wise’s research in best-in-class instructional coaching which formed the basis of his book Power of Coaching: Teachers and Teaching, this master class delves into how to maintain rigorous and effective observation and ensure continuous improvement for teachers teaching in a virtual environment. There is no doubt that this is an unprecedented time in education. Our teachers are being pushed to their limits, and it can be frustrating. Virtual Coaching Workshops ICG’s virtual workshops vary from 1-day to 8-week, and are tailored to meet the needs of coaches, teachers, and administrators. They can gather resources, co-teach, and help … BetterLesson supports teachers, instructional coaches, and administrators as they face the challenge of creating flexible, equitable, student-centered learning environments—whether … For much like those on the other side of our screens, we play multiple roles. Despite the technological challenges … Research based instructional coaching is provided by a certified instructional coach … Clearly, coaching is a good thing and, by extending and multiplying benefits, virtual coaching makes a good thing even better. Each school continues to take the necessary steps to support their students. At the same time, teachers also want to be careful of giving just worksheets as busy work. As a result, instructional coaches are being forced to find new ways to support teachers. Virtual coaching is a different ball game. You will not only enhance their instructional capacity, but also create a community of collective responsibility at your school. It involves multiple stakeholders—children, parents, teachers, school leaders, members of the community—who have various needs. They work with their teammates at Educate LLC to build teacher capacity for innovative instructional technology practices. The Experience. See how tech solutions make it simple. The answer lies in the unique benefits derived from a virtual coach. This article provides next steps, specific resources and methods to support high-impact instructional coaching methods in a virtual coaching environment. Mannu Sikka is an educator with more than 10 years of experience as an instructional coach, classroom teacher, and an interventionist. As important as coaching is in a conventional environment, it becomes even more important in the virtual world. DNS filtering is important to protect against malware and external attacks. Sibme Virtual Coaches use a personalized approach to help teachers grow. 3. Google Classroom is a great platform because it enables you to create topics for each content area, as well as share resources. It also allows you to share Google Calendar appointments so teachers can book appointments with you. An instructional coach is a dedicated partner for … Instructional coach feedback is still an essential part of teacher learning. Traditional coaching formats rely on face-to-face or side-by-side interactions in which an instructional leader, acting as coach, joins the teacher in the classroom. Presenting Instructional Content: How to Engage Students in a Virtual Learning Environment Through Models and Examples NIET Senior Program Specialist Jill Crain explains the importance of using models and examples, and what they can look like and sound like in a virtual learning … Our Academic Coaching Model adds a human touch to the distance learning environment, encouraging students to learn and persist with the demands of course work. Remember, the idea is to keep it simple, and use resources that meet students’ learning targets. Everyone's got their morning routine, right? Coaches can gather resources for teachers that engage students in learning, and offer support with the resources teachers are already using. This usually consists of an inspirational quote or saying to lift my staff’s spirits. Flexibility was important, but in our current virtual world of instructional coaching, it has become a necessity.Â, You see, our makeshift workspaces don’t just include computers, notebooks, and pens; they must also house a proverbial hat rack for the vast number of “hats” we change into throughout the course of a day. Remote Instructional Coaching. Intensive Workshops, Coaching Courses, Consulting, and Other Resources for Virtual Professional Development What is an instructional coach? The instructional coach engages in the coaching cycle through a web-based environment. Virtual Professional Learning Teams: e2L coaches conduct virtual coaching sessions with a campus-based Virtual Professional Learning (VPL) support team comprised of assistant principals, instructional coaches, librarians, counselors, and campus testing coordinators. These open calendar blocks tend to remain open only for an hour or so, at which point they will become filled with session times for our teachers in need.Â, Requests begin flooding in around 7:30 a.m. from teachers, school leaders, fellow coaches, family, and friends—anyone who is trying to navigate this virtual world. Teachers turned instructional coaches, Emily and Nick believe in the power of community to spark meaningful change in education. Educators around the world have, by necessity, been forced to shift to remote learning. Virtual instructional leadership means joining different Google Classrooms and Zoom Live sessions to see what engagement looks like to get a better sense of how to move … Our dynamic, hybrid approach helps teachers evaluate their current practices in a collaborative environment, set … A coaching hub is important because it serves as your virtual “office,” and is a place where you can continue to communicate with your staff. Routines are important, especially these days when we are trying to find the smallest semblance of “normal.” But what comes next—that's the tricky part. “See [coaches] as providing a service to teachers,” Jim said in his interview for the professional development blog PLTogether. However, as students’ daily screen time increases dramatically, it is critically important teachers use resources that create meaningful learning experiences for students. Most of our teachers were not trained—or have received only basic professional development at best—for planning and facilitating virtual instruction. While supporting schools through the many phases of this transition, we are seeing tremendous growth and innovation from students, teachers, and school leaders alike. An international nonprofit education association, ASCD is dedicated to providing the resources that empower educators to support the success of each learner. This has left them overwhelmed and unsure how to best support their students’ learning as they create virtual classrooms. The immediate feedb… Pear Deck + GoGuardian are teaming up to transform the future of digital learning, together. On any given day, coaches will don the “hat” of instructional coach, IT specialist, thought partner, compassionate listener, and guide, just to name a few. Regardless of what platform you use, creating a central hub is essential for virtual coaching because it is a central location for communication and support for teachers and staff. One of the many responsibilities instructional coaches have is to gather and vet resources for teachers that enhance their instructional capacity. This is where instructional coaches can help. Strengthen instructional … Sometimes it’s a cup of coffee with the news, pouring dry cereal onto your daughter’s high chair tray, or a new-found passion for the free workouts offered by the Peloton app. Instructional Leadership in Action How Coaches are Improving Teaching in a Virtual Environment by UWCEL on May 18, 2020 The transition to distance learning has been unquestionably … Student retention may seem daunting for 2021 enrollment. Inservice is the official blog of ASCD. This affordable program allows for educators to … Throughout each session, we must actively listen and respond to the needs of the teacher at that given moment, while remaining focused on shared goals. Virtual coaching is simply using technology to enable the coaching function when the coach … It can restrict access to malicious websites, adult content, and gaming in schools. Education is complex. Step 1: Increase Teacher Participation. For me, I created a Google Classroom, and called it my coaching corner. It is in our nature as coaches to support everyone as best we can, so the blocks fill up quickly. These steps look different depending on the community they serve, but include: deploying textbooks or technology, informing parents of opportunities for internet access, designating times and places to pick up free school lunches, and supporting teachers in translating their best practices into the virtual world.Â. We will get through this. Teachers will know where they can contact you, and it creates a central location for all of the resources you have shared. Frequently this means switching hats mid-session, beginning with, “How are you doing, really?” followed by, “Let’s analyze the student responses of your latest ELA assignment and go over those app features again.” This code-switching allows us to build strong relationships with our teachers, giving them a safe space to try new things—things that may seem insurmountable at first.Â, Feelings of uncertainty often surface during our sessions, because the transition to remote learning didn’t happen overnight. Be responsive to their needs, and provide as much support as possible. The shift toward remote learning has magnified the disparities among students, as further explored by Dena Simmons, educator and activist, in her article “Why COVID-19 Is Our Equity Check.” The need to address inequities around access to relevant and meaningful learning for all students has become a frequent topic of conversation. Communities are developing out of necessity for collaboration, sparking what we all hope to be lasting, meaningful change in education. There is only a continuation on the path toward learning that is trauma-informed, culturally responsive, and utilizes relevant pedagogy by leveraging technology.Â, A special thank you to my Educate LLC colleague Nick Spiegler for helping me brainstorm ideas for this blog post.Â. She is also a 2019 ASCD Emerging Leader. During an in-person coaching session you have the luxury of seeing body … That is still the case with remote learning. This is not your every day “con call”. One way I stay positive with my staff is by sending a Monday Motivational email each week. Instructional Coaching: on-site and virtual Coaching teachers drives the actual implementation of professional development. Now more than ever teachers need a continued system of support. Flexibility was important, but in our current virtual world of instructional coaching, it has become a necessity. In addition to the years of education required to become a teacher, it’s important to continue professional development. Follow her on Twitter at @MannuKSikka. Level 1 Level 2 The Chicago Coaching Center is a progressive collection of instructional coaches interested in providing a collaborative learning environment for instructional coaches … For me, I created a Google Classroom, and called it my coaching … Review a few suggested strategies for retention to help make necessary changes. Teachers are feeling anxious and uncertain of how best to meet their students’ needs. No matter what method you choose, it is essential that coaches continue to offer support so teachers have a community of colleagues to rely on. Similarly to a traditional classroom, receiving feedback remains a valuable part of distance learning to … A coaching hub is important because it serves as your virtual “office,” and is a place where you can continue to communicate with your staff. Elementary Teachers support learning coaches /parents with student curricular and instructional issues in a virtual classroom environment, in line with academy policies and procedures; * … The work happening daily in schools, on video calls, and in virtual learning platforms would not be possible without your continued support of Teach For America Memphis. DSD Professional Development offers virtual blended learning coaching support for teachers, administrators, and instructional coaches. Instructional Coaching Instructional coaching can be described as a partnership between a mentor educator and pre-service educator to gauge present levels of teaching and to set/revise … Practical methods for online and hybrid learning reduce the cognitive load. Explore strategies to engage learners. That’s the moment when coaches must kick it into high gear, opening their email inboxes to officially start the day.Â, Some of us find that this happens as early as 6:45 a.m., when we begin to settle into our work-from-home “office” (i.e., the desk we’ve had since we were nine years old, the kitchen table, or whatever flat space our partner isn’t using to also work from home). Having one member of our community claim a seat at the table offers hope that more will secure a seat as well. To support teachers, instructional coaches can offer to meet through Zoom, Google Hangouts, or other virtual meeting platforms. Even if districts and schools begin the year in-person, we should all plan for some of the instruction to be delivered virtually over the course of the year. By Matthew R. Kay In many school systems, the opportunity to participate in instructional coaching … They are being forced out of their comfort zones with remote learning, and that can be scary. An instructional coach can work with teachers directly to apply the big ideas directly into the classroom using a coaching model that works. Provide the support and coaching your teachers and instructional coaches need to get the results that matter most in the classroom. As a coach, it is also important to remember your teachers are experts. Here are a few tips I have found helpful in supporting teachers in a remote learning environment. It’s important that coaches stay positive. This list includes various virtual learning resources and tutorial videos my teachers have made. I have not only collected resources for each content area, but also a list of resources to support virtual learning. June 15th 1-Day Virtual Workshop Registration Open! There is no going back to where we were before remote learning. Observation sessions are video-recorded to foster evidence-based reflection and dialogue between coach … As an instructional coach myself, this can be daunting because a lot of our work involves classroom visits and meetings with teachers to help co-plan instructional practices. However, as we move to virtual learning, coaches will also need to find ways to coach virtually. Teachers will know where they can contact you, and it creates a central location for all of the resources you have shared. Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) for Teachers and Students: … Students view their Academic Coaches (AKA Virtual Teaching Assistant) as a peer and respect the fact that their Academic Coach … GoGuardian Recognized Among Los Angeles’s Best Places to Work. Prior to going virtual, our days would typically consist of traveling to one specific school to hold one-on-one sessions with teachers, model the integration of a new strategy or EdTech tool, co-teach, or provide large-scale workshops. Opening our Google Calendar, we take stock of the day ahead, noting any moments where we can stand up from our makeshift workspace to stretch. This ensures coaches stay visible so teachers know we have their backs. Through a recent conversation with Adam Gellar, CEO of Edthena, Jim discussed the importance of incorporating teacher-driven goals as a key focus for instructional coaches to support teachers in a virtual environment.