Follow your HorsePS to … Suggested level: 11 Group: Main Quests Location: Novigrad. You either you need to convince the guard captain that you are Rosa's new fencing instructor (then he'll take you straight to her training room), or find a back way through the garden (following the later path you can find one of Rosa's admirers with a love letter for her, dead on a cliff). After Elihal changes into an outfit more recognizable by Dandelion, you can talk with him about how they met. Near some beds you can investigate a barrel and Dandelion’s discarded lute. When you arrive at her laundry business, some thugs are pestering her for money. Down in the basement, give Rosa a quick lesson in sword play before revealing you just need information on Dandelion. When Geralt finally meets Molly, she tells him that she doesn't know where Dandelion is, as she didn't see him lately, since the baroness doesn't approve of their acquaintance. Afterwards, you get to talk to Priscilla alone and figure out that Dandelion crossed a big, bad guy named Whoreson Junior. He offers to talk you to the races where Molly can be found. You may either wait outside, as she requests, or stay and be questioned by the children about being a Witcher. It is the only way for the side quest “Fencing Lessons” to become available. If you killed him in the second game, she is not too pleased to see you. Rosa can be found in the residence of Nilfgaardian ambassador Henry var Attre in Gildorf. Fencing Lessons Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Quest. Afterwards, they talk about Dandelion, and Rosa says that they hardly had a relationship, since it was more about Dandelion chasing her. After completing the “Novigrad Dreaming” quest, the quest “Broken Flowers” will start automatically. Two Taverns and a Crossed Witcher 6.2; Exploring the Nonhuman District 6.3; Exploring the Docks 6.4; Pyres of Novigrad 6.5; The Great Gwent Diversion 6.6; High Stakes Gwent 6.7; Novigrad Dreaming 6.8; Broken Flowers 6.9; Fencing Rosa and Gwenting Roche 6.10; Count Reuvens Treasure (Part 1) 6.11 Your task is to look for the Dandelion at this place and ask his acquaintances about him. Sometime in the 1260s, she and Dandelion had been in a relationship, but as was typical of the bard, he was caught running after other women. We will be told to go to “Rosemary and Thyme” in search of the bard Dandelion. When the men are gone, talk to Vespula about Dandelion and go on your way. Get inside the var Attre villa. Despite being quite bitter about his behavior, Vespula asks Geralt to tell Dandelion to drop by. The Witcher 3: Wildhunt #30 - Broken Flowers (Modded DeathMarch) If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. Broken Flowers - main quest The Witcher 3 Guide. Well, let's get started. After talking to all the women, Geralt returns to Zoltan in Rosemary and Thyme to discuss his findings and to hear what Zoltan discovered in turn. Broken Flowers is a main quest in Novigrad. During the conversation, Edna also mentions, that Dandelion took them to the cemetery, to visit the graves of celebrated Oxenfurt professors, where Dandelion ended up quizzing them about Margrave Henckel, who was a patron of the arts and died recently. The Witcher 3: Broken Flowers Broken Flowers begins with Geralt visiting Thyme and Rosemary, a brothel Dandelion inherited. Walkthrough. Drop down and jump over the the ledge: Jump down to the platform and go up the three ledges ahead to find another way in Attre Villa in Broken Flowers in Witcher 3 Wild Hunt. Zoltan and you agree that the woman who knows most about Dandelion is his fellow performer named Priscilla. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt > General Discussions > Topic Details. To my dismay, I have encountered a game breaking bug involving the Broken Flowers mission. squabble and you learn what you need about Dandelion, you may leave the house. She plays at Kingfisher Inn nightly, and Zoltan suggests meeting him there after sundown. Edna pokes at her sister's secret crush on the bard, while Rosa keeps denying it, telling her that she wouldn't fall for someone who is constantly praising another woman (whom she explains to be a poetess and trobairitz Dandelion calls Callonetta, who has a "melodious Koviri accent"). Go to the Rosemary and Thyme; Help Zoltan chase … After seeing Dandelion in a vision, Geralt will now have to track him down. Broken Flowers is a main quest in Novigrad in The Witcher 3. Location of the cliffs to find another way into Attre Villa in Broken Flowers in Witcher 3 Wild Hunt. ماموریت اصلی (راهنمای The Witcher 3 / مرحله Broken Flowers ) به محل مشخص شده در نقشه بروید. Then she demands a rematch, and after sparring again, they are joined by Edna, and Geralt has a chance to ask them more about Dandelion. When you enter the class, she will be teaching some children. Broken Flowers Get Junior is a Quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt . Instead, I can tell the guard … The quest will start automatically after the seance in the Novigrad Dreaming quest. Not too far away is the next person on your list. Witcher Wiki is a Fandom Gaming Community. Elihal (who happens to be an elven tailor from Farcorners who likes to dress up in all kind of costumes, and whom Dandelion mistook for a woman, while being blind drunk), tells Geralt, that when they first met, Dandelion was very eager to find Kalkstein. Broken Flowers is a Quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Broken Flowers The Witcher 3 Quest Broken Flowers is a main quest in Novigrad. "Thanks to the lovely Priscilla, Geralt now knew Ciri and I had struck a deal with *****son Junior, one of … This is a guide to the quest titled Broken Flowers from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The Witcher 3 – Broken Flowers Putuskan bagaimana anda ingin menghadapinya, baik dengan memberi mereka uang, menggunakan kekuatan sugesti atau hanya dengan mengirim mereka pulang dengan kekerasan.