My daughter is a junior at ECHS and has several friends attending St. Mary's. I have no idea how many transfers are usual, I think religious aspect would be one reason in the mix of moving, lack of affordability, changing circumstances, and fewer academic choices due to laid out curriculum whereby required religion classes take up some of the flexibility in elective choices. However, if your child is academically driven and is a high acheiver, I would strongly urge you to discuss this with the school. Our daughter wasn't an athlete but loved going to the big games where everyone turned out to cheer. We're heard so much more about academics, extra-curriculars, etc. St Marys College High School, located in Berkeley, CA, is a private school that operates independently of the Berkeley public school system. It is a diverse campus and as long as your child is open minded she will have a great social experience. What didn't she like? School Type. My daughter is a 2003 graduate, and over 94% of her graduating classmates are bound for 4 year colleges, with the remainder going to community colleges. If you can suggest a consultant who might be helpful, we would appreciate it! I can't say that they have ever initiated contact, but I have found them responsive when we have contacted them. Any first hand knowledge on St. Mary's or College Prep? The educational program provides a strong foundational basis and challenges students to become agents of their own learning while developing important skills, strategies, and abilities that will prepare them for college and a personal commitment to lifelong learning. We are considering St. Mary's and wonder if there are other families with gay parents who have experience with sending their child/ren to Catholic schools. St Mary's kids are very well prepared for college. The kids are very friendly and the school works very hard to teach mutual respect and tolerance. You are looking at VERY different private schools, Bentley, CPS are in a similar category and St. Mary's is at the other end of the spectrum when it comes to ''real life'' experiences and diversity. Saint Mary’s College High School is firmly rooted in Catholic and Lasallian educational traditions herunterladen. If you need access to a computer with high speed internet to complete My oldest, a rising senior, has grown a lot during her time there. The students I tutor--and have tutored--who do/did not want unrelentingly intense academics (there is something to be said for preserving your teen's energy stores for college and not squandering all of one's self in high school) have been happy at St. Mary's, relieved, really, not to be bombarded with the honors track workload at CPS or Berkeley High, for example. retiring St. Mary's parent. Sometimes they bring that on themselves, or it is a personality conflict: one of my daughters will complain endlessly about so and so, and the other will love him or her. Type Private. Which college do they attend after St. Mary's? Our daughter had good teachers and some not-so-good ones, but overall she learned a lot. Sounds like two more years at BHS is not in your child's best interest. Tuition is around 18K. They also seem polite and helpful--if you look lost walking around campus, someone is likely to offer to help you. SM parent. One the of most prestigious clubs on campus is the LaSallian club, several students are chosen each year as the LaSallian students of the year. Students interact well. parent of St. Mary's grad, Re: Public vs. private "real life" experience? she will be a senior this year. He has a group of friends that he enjoys and he is involved in other projects besides academics such as the school newspaper, band and baseball. Where they go to college is posted somewhere on the web site and in the orientation material. We don't have experience with tuition assistance, but many families have opted for Saint Mary's over O'Dowd because of what they received in assistance. My daughter did try to be efficient about getting her homework done. This year he applied to go to Malta or France (no guarantees that he'll go, but everyone has the opportunity to apply.) They ask you to not pick up after school, let your child stay, explore, meet, they are in a safe place and looked after, this is the time to let them feel good about discovery and trying activities outside their comfort zone. Social climate is what you make it. Tuition for each additional child is $10,950. View All Events. In terms of religious requirements, religion courses are taken 2 out of every 3 trimesters. We are a Jewish Family at ODowd and have had no issues with the Religious Curriculum so far (Freshman year). The student body is intentionally diverse - racially and socioeconomically. Please try again with different keywords. The good religion classes really stimulate them to think about ethics and values, and I think that is great. Academics at St. Mary's College High School. There are plenty of clubs to choose from for extracurricular activities, or your son could start his own. Thanks for any help St. Mary's College High School is a top rated, private, Catholic school located in Berkeley, CA. ALBANY — With just over 30 seconds left on the game clock, Jason Roche and Leo Tillson, two of a trio of seniors who led fourth-seeded St. Mary’s-Berkeley to … Students 630. You might want to consider looking at the school. She is very interested in the strong speech and debate program at ECHS -- St. Mary's does not appear to have much of a program in that area. But caveat emptor: St. Mary's is NOT just fooling around about Catholicism . Public vs. private "real life" experience. Yes, CPS has the small school feel and many kids end up with early admission to college - but you only get in if you're in the 92nd percentile (or higher) on the standardized test.