I had recently added a baby oscar to my 90G tank with some Yellow Lab cichlids and a Red Devil cichlid. Red Devils do require space, since they grow to around 10 inches. Empower Her. Im looking at a jack dempsey or a clown knife fish. However, this can change once they get older. This cichlid has a great deal of variability in its body structure and coloration. Since red devils love to dig, avoid live plants. You can put most cichlids in with it and they'll co-exist without killing each other. But if ANY new fish are added my male will kill them instantly...but all other fish are safe as the devils have grown up with them so it seems they are accepted as tank mates....for the time being. When young, this breed is generally fine when kept with other fish of similar temperament, but they are best kept alone as they age. Make sure the aquarium is spacious as this fish relishes swimming. They will do OK if you keep them with their mate (remember, they do attach as a monogamous pair). Because I lov... Is it male or female red devil???Pl. A large fish obviously needs a large fish tank. It also can be seen as invading species in Singapore waters. I had a Red Devil in a 100 gallon with an albino Oscar, a Jack Dempsey, pleco, and two large Bala sharks. this is so true, nothing will survive with a red devil, not even another red devil!!! Shape The World. Mine bit my son's finger with it's razor sharp teeth, shredded the skin on his finger. © 2021 WILD SKY MEDIA. The interesting thing about the parrotfish is that they poop sand. Tank mates for my Red Devil Cichlid include Rosey Barbs, Albino Shark and a couple of Guppies. This is experience talking. As far as tank mates, I have seen them tanked tanked with other fish, but an RD will definitely eat anything that can't fight it off. According to Mr. Google, none. Hello! Don't have tank-mates, it is torcher on the other fish. Is he sick? i have done lots of research and forum searching about possible tank mates for her. RELATED GUIDES: Things to put in a fish tank – 11 Essentials for Your Freshwater Fish Tank While the Blood Red Parrot is believed to be a cross between the Midas and Redhead Cichlid, this cannot be confirmed definitively. This is experience talking. And I see that the price of the Encyclopedia of Aquarium Pond Fish [Paperback] from amazon.com is … However, do not feed a red devil red meat. It likes places with strong water flow and swims in the middle waters closer to the bottom, it hides in dentings and pits under snags where tree branches hang above the water. They also relish animal foods, like earthworms and shelled prawns. The Red Devils definitely live up to their names. What Aquarium Fish Are Compatible with Oscars? If you want to care for a Red Devil Cichlid, be prepared to have a one-fish tank. Red Devil Cichlid Tank Mates. A single specimen requires a tank of at least seventy-five gallons. It is not very tolerant of any other fish in the same tank. Red Devil Tank Mate Mon Mar 07, 2011 6:52 pm I currently have a 8-9 inch female red devil in my 55g. And even then, only keep a male-female pair, as this fish is particularly aggressive towards members of its own species. Both species are named for their fiery coloration in shades of red, orange and yellow and for their aggressive temperaments. Males tend to be bigger than females, and they can be predators to other smaller fish and smaller creatures in the tank. How to Start a Jack Dempsey Aquarium Tank. Red devil cichlids appeal to a very specific type of fish hobbyist. Yet some are bright red, while others are white or yellow. Does anyone know how long a Red Devil Chiclid will live, mine is aprox. Other large central American cichlids can share a tank with some luck. Avoid keeping more than two red devils in the same tank. Midas Cichlid Food Is The Key To Healthy Fish What you feed your red devil fish will determine how long and healthy their lives will be. They can be very aggressive towards other fish, and they will also try to actively move any pieces of equipment in the tank. The Blood Parrot is a hybrid cichlid that hails from Taiwan and was first bred in the 1980s. Red-Tailed Shark Sexing: Male Red Devil fish will develop a “hump” on their forehead. Many … It has too much fat for fish to digest properly. It's important to design the tank with this in mind. Pet shops sell prepared pellet foods for large cichlids, since flakes are too small. It can be fed various types of living, flake, and fresh foods. Make sure you have a super good filter. Red devil cichlids will eat just about anything. Caring for Midas cichlid fish requires heavy water changes because these big guys eat and produce a lot of waste in the aquarium. This means they need a large aquarium. An open spawner, Red Devils are not particular about their spawning substrate. I advise people to buy these filters. They are large, colorful, aggressive and have tons of personality. They prefer to live in reefs and such environments but can adapt. What type of fish can you have in a tank with a red devil, By entering this site you declare ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. It's important to design the tank with this in mind. The only good tank mates are large, hardy fish that can hold their own. Any tank mate for a red devil are a dicey proposition. Both Amphilophus labiatus and Amphilophus citrinellus are known as red devil cichlids. Red Devil Cichlid - NEW FISH FACTS & TIPS in 2021 - Everything You Need To Know - water, ph, size, breeding, gender, varieties, tank mates, diet, colors, sexing A few of the characteristics of the Blood Parrot will help you determine parrot fish compatibility in your aquarium. But they would be good tank mates for the Oscar fish. While they are not particular about water pH and hardness, they do need clean water. A couple of days ago. Im looking for a tank mate for him. Feeding. Don't have tank-mates, it is torcher on the other fish. I search for information on the RED Devil Cichlid and other fish & aquariums. Keep in mind that they are shy and will require hiding spaces to get away from the Parrot Fish tankma… The Red Devil has a very aggressive personality, so choose his tank mates carefully. Came home from work one day and I had one fish in the tank. Red devils will eat veggies like spinach, which provide important nutrients. They can be kept with other fish, but you have to start early. They do say no tank mates are suitable..but i do disagree here. It shares its name with another fish of its family, namely the Amphilophus citrinellus, commonly referred to as Midas Cichlid.Their coloration and immense aggressiveness earn them the name red devil. She had destroyed every other fish in the tank, it looked like someone had run them through a wood chipper. This helps limit aggression. Been in the tank together for 3 yrs!! When setting up the tank, include visual barriers, things like rocks, plants and driftwood to give fish places to hide from each other. Is it possible for these fish to be compatible? This is a large classic cichlid easily recognizable and perfect for a Flowerhorn tank mate. The common name of Amphilophus labiatus is the red devil cichlid and this name is justified.It shares this name with another closely related cichlid, Amphilophus citrinellus. They take skill to keep, if only to accommodate this fish's size and aggression. i have a male and female red devil kept in same tank along with nlack ghost knife fish ...convicts...catfish...algae eaters and even a gourami. Red devil cichlids are very aggressive. Can i keep a red devil and 2 tiger oscars together? You may have gotten the idea by now that if you are interested in keeping a red devil cichlid, you may be keeping a single fish. Since i upgraded I wanted to expand a bit and went out and bought a 2 inch dempsey, and a 1 inch red devil. Even the pleco. I currently have a 47g tall tank with: 1 Red Devil approx 4in 1 Jack Dempse... My Betta fish was blue and now he is turning red! As tropical fish, they require water between 70 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Red Devil not eating x4 days...acting fine.... Any advice. You will need a very large tank with lots of hiding places if you want to keep two Red Devils who are not mated. If you want to keep these fish in an "aggressive community" style aquarium, with other large cichlids that can hold their own, they need a tank of at least 125 gallons. The coloring in the wild is often a dark brown to gray which helps them blend into their natural surroundings and the substrate. help me out, Can a female blood parrot and a male Red Devil mate. Young Red Devil Cichlids usually don’t show signs of aggression if they are raised in a tank with other Red Devil Cichlids. Red devil fish tanks are easy to care for. However, since it is a large, potentially messy fish, they need plenty of maintenance to keep their tank clean. Red Devil Cichlids are not only aggressive to other fish; they also dislike other Red Devil Cichlids. Hydrangea people should always keep in mind the true nature of the Red Devil when choosing a suitable tank mate (or when choosing a tank mate). We have had her for a couple of months and she is thriving in her fish bowl. The only good tank mates are large, hardy fish that can hold their own. Tank: Keeping the Red Devil cichlid in the home aquarium is not that difficult at all. Males typically are a bit larger than the females. I have a baby Red Devil, actually shes my daughters and we love her. 9. I know dempseys can be good tank mates, I have heard red devils are tough. This limits the tank mate … Other large central American cichlids can share a tank with some luck. PART OF WILD SKY MEDIA | FAMILY & PARENTING, Seriously Fish: Amphilophus labiatus (Red Devil), How to Keep Red Devil Cichlids in the Aquarium. Be Her Village. We have a Red Devil and a Jack Dempsey. i know everyone will think im crazy but these fish have all been housed together for more than two years. All species of red devil cichlids reach about a foot at adulthood. Red Devils should only be housed with other fish that can defend themselves. Before putting red devils in with other fish, you'll … i was wondering if I may have better luck since the devil is so small to start, and the oscars are so big. There are several species sold under this name, but they all have certain things in common. Jack Depsey (if that's what you mean) are smaller, but can hold their own. The Red … A single Red Devil requires a tank of minimum 55 gallons as it grows gradually with time up to 11-15 inches. If you prefer to keep a pair of Red Devils, a fish tank of 125 gallons or above is required. Hey, i have a red devil cichlid and a pleco in a 75 gallon tank. Red devil cichlids are energetic and fiery fish, but they don’t tend to do well with most other fish, including fish from the same species. Im fine with getting another fish as long as this isnt a recipe for disaster. The fish feeds mainly near the bottom with crustac… Some of the more colorful individuals will also have a black-tipped tail and black-tipped fins. Both species of Cichild. Hiding places, and visual barriers to break up the tank can help fish form territories and mitigate aggression. Red devil cichlid belonging to the cichlid family is a large species indigenous to certain parts of Central America. On their own, they need at least a 55 gallon tank, but I'd go 75 minimum. 7 y... Hi I have a red devil large he was white when I first got him or her and no... My new red devil angel fish is not moving and its at the top of the aquariu... My goldfish has one red eye. Keep up on water changes to keep these fish healthy. you read and agreed to the, Camallanus Worms (Or as I like to call them, Devil Worms!).