There are many different breeds, with different colours and patterns, and many of these breeds are very popular with aquarium hobbyists. Maybe that way you'll find out what you need to know. Otherwise, your fish will only become pregnant if there are both male and female fish present. None of them have ever looked like this before. I was just looking at my fish and I noticed that one of my long-fin zebra danios looks pregnant. 21-30 days. It takes about 3 weeks for the eggs to develop into baby fish (known as fry). How long is the pregnancy of a fish? Some have been known to live as long as four or five years. Then, try to observe "pre-spawning" behaviors in both your male and female fish. I breed zebra danios and I always have pregnant females and never have I've seen one that big I suggest you move her to a temporary tank with heater and filter also some tank water and if she doesn't like pop any eggs in 4 days I suggest you try to diagnose it further she just looks too big We've had several for 3 years or so. Goldfish, technically, cannot get pregnant. Zebra Danios can’t get pregnant because they do not bear live babies. Danios are egg scattering fishes, and if this is a community tank with other fish, the eggs are likely to be eaten quite fast. 5 years ago. My mom's fish has been pregnant for about 4 months now and we think that's too long to be pregnant for. In an aquarium, Zebra Danios typically live two or three years. I assume it's pregnant. She looks like she might explode, her belly is so big! She'll lay 200-400 or so. Although it is rare, it is possible to purchase a pregnant goldfish. How long are goldfish pregnant for? How long is a guppy fish pregnant? If she is pregnant, what should I do? The new one chases the old one around but they seem happy together. 0 1. How long do Zebra Danios live? I'm going to assume Zebra Cichlid and answer that. If you suspect your female danio may be pregnant, it's important to find out for sure, so that you can prepare the tank for the baby fish, called fry. They are zebra danios, they lay eggs and don't get pregnant at all. Paul. There is no one-size-fits-all answer because of the considerable variation in the length of pregnancy between species. Your female Zebra Danios typically have … I think the other one is a male, and this is a female. The other poster assumed you meant Zebra Danios and answered that. Hello all, I am new to this site today. Well, first of all you need a male or two to chase her around while she's laying them. It then takes between 2-7 days before the goldfish eggs hatch. I had only one in the tank and last week bought another one, I don't know the sex of either of them. When it comes to goldfish, females release unfertilized eggs into the water, whereby the male fertilizes them. We are concerned about how long they are supposed to be pregnant for. For how long are zebra danios pregnant? You'll need a shallow tank with large-sized substrate like marbles on the bottom for the eggs to fall through to safety, or else the fish will eat them. First, try to figure out whether or not the conditions are right for your fish to spawn. Danios will also eat their own eggs if given the chance. A dwarf seahorse, for example, has a gestation period between 3 and 55 days while the surfperch has between three and six months. Is my Zebra Danio pregnant? I am worried about my Zebra Danio. We came back from vacation 6 days ago and one of them looks like it's going to explode. A Zebra cichlid doesn't get pregnant, she scoops up her eggs into her mouth. Danios are small schooling fish.