You Can Save Up To 86% On Your Flood Insurance

AmeriFlood, LLC specializes in the thorough flood risk evaluation for condominium's and commercial properties. Our services typically provide our clients with a better understanding of their property’s true flood risk. Through our evaluation we are normally able to significantly reduce our client's flood premiums.

AmeriFlood will perform a free analysis on your property to determine whether your flood zone designation is correct. In many cases, we can obtain a reclassification of the existing flood zone (through a LOMA or LOMR) and/or significant savings for the property on the current flood insurance premium. Our team of surveyors and coastal engineers has very been successful in achieving this result for our clients.

There is no cost to you for this valuable analysis by AmeriFlood. Our service is offered on a contingency basis. Our fee is only paid upon success and is based on a percentage of the savings we obtain for you. There is no contract or obligation. To start the free analysis, all we need is your flood policy declarations pages and elevation certificates for your flood zone properties.

This means you only pay for success and there is no downside risk. If we are successful, our one-time fee is equal the current annual flood insurance premium for the buildings we prove to be not in the high-risk flood zone.

AmeriFlood has extensive experience in developing detailed coastal studies according to FEMA standards and subsequently processing applications for proposed flood map revisions, Letter of Map Revision (LOMR) and Conditional Letter of Map Revision (CLOMR).

Call AmeriFlood today at 1-800-AMERIFLOOD to learn more about this exciting and risk-free opportunity to substantially reduce you NFIP flood premiums.